NSURS Students Receive Pugh Grant – October 2014


Congratulations to the below students for receiving a grant through the Pugh Foundation to support their undergraduate research.

Sade Paula-Aquino
Efficacy of C. moschata seed extracts as anthelmintic.
Committee: Steve Cartier, Jeff Holmes, and Dana Emmert

Jesmira Bonoan
Studying the effect of enantiostyly on pollen deposition in the buzz pollinated wildflower, Chamaecrista fasciculata.
Committee: Alisa Hove, Mark Brenner, and Jeff Holmes

Taylor Cook
Aquaponics: The Integration of Aquaculture and Hydroponics
Committee: Mark Brenner, Laura Lengnick, and Robert Hastings

Dylan Flood
Quantification of Bacoside A in Bacopa Monnieri Supplements.
Committee: Steve Cartier, Langdon Martin, and Dana Emmert

Andrea LaPlante
Evaluation of Heat Tolerance in Commercial Tomato Varieties
Committee: Alisa Hove, Laura Lengnick, and Jessa Madosky

Max Olszack (student) and JJ Apodaca (faculty)
Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Quantification of Hydrastine Concentration in Wild Hydrastis canadensis to Promote Conservation of Overharvested Population.

Joey Shaw
A Native Brook Trout Survey and Sub-Watershed Classification of Understudied Waterways of the Upper Catawba Watershed in Buncombe County, NC.
Committee: JJ Apodaca

Brad Smout
Oyster mushroom (P. ostreatus) mycelium flilter for treatment of water contaminants: E. coli, TSS, nitrate, and atrazine.
Committee: Mark Brenner, Steve Cartier, and JJ Apodaca