Natural Science Seminar Series: Fall 1996


September 9, 1996

Removal of Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions
Brian Teixeira
Mentor: Dean Kahl

September 16, 1996

Fish Food Supplementation with Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Freedom Richardson
Mentor: Vicki Collins and Mark Brenner

September 30, 1996

Habitat Use by Small Mammals in a Remnant Forest-Gap Bog 
Faculty Seminar: Reed Rossell

October 7, 1996

The Efficacy of Companion Planting Rosemarius and Allium with Brassica spp to Control Cabbage Looper Damage
Julie Forkner
Mentor: Mark Beaudreau

October 14, 1996

The Climax Ecosystem as a Standard for Sustainability 
Faculty Seminar: James Houser

October 28, 1996

 Astronomy Research at Warren Wilson College with CCD Camera and Small Telescope
Faculty Seminar: Don Collins
Department of Physics, Warren Wilson College

November 4, 1996

A Study of Methanotrophic Activity in the Beaufort Sea
Ben Stanford
Mentor: Dean Kahl

November 11, 1996

Weeds as Indicators of Soil Conditions
Jessi Cinque
Mentor: Mark Boudreau

November 18, 1996

Faculty  Seminar: Allen Thomas

November 25, 1996

A Study in forest Stand Development
John Michalski
Mentor: William Davis

December 2, 1996

The Study of the Estrogenic Properties of American ginseng
Stephanie Bartlett
Mentor: Dean Kahl

December 9, 1996

 The Relationships Between Fleas and Self-Grooming in the Domestic Cat
Faculty Seminar: Bob Eckstein
Department of Biology, Warren Wilson College

December 16. 1996

Internships at Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Alumni Seminar: Sara Chapman