Natural Science Seminar Series: Spring 1997


February 3, 1997

Pearl Millet for Broiler Chickens
Faculty Seminar: Vicki Collins

February 10, 1997

Isolation of Zearalenone in WWC Zea Mays
Sarah Hargrove
Mentor: Vicki Collins

February 17, 1997

Isolation and Speciation of Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria in the Root Nodules of Pueraria Lobata (Kudzu)
Alison Searle
Mentor: L. Caslake

February 24, 1997

Development of a more effective Bioassey for Determinationn of Bioactivity in Jewelweed
Patrick Stollenmaier
Mentor: Dean Kahl

March 3, 1997

Analysis of a Small Mammal Population in a Wetlands Restoration Area
Tracey Parker
Mentor: Paul Bartels

March 10, 1997

A Skeletochronological Study of a Disjunct Population of Mole Salamanders (Ambystoma Talpoidenm)
Josiah Sheehan
Mentor: Reed Rossell

March 31, 1997

Photometric Measurements of Comet Hale-Bopp
Laurie Holden
Mentor: Don Collins

April 7, 1997

Factors Affecting Tree Mortality and Cavity Availability along a Riparian Corridor in WNC
Annie Green
Mentor: Reed Rossell

April 14, 1997

Incidence of Black Spot Dissease on Minnow Populations of the Swannanoa
Tony Morrison
Mentor: Paul Bartels

April 21, 1997

Aflatoxins in Food
Jay Sandquist
Mentor: Vicki Collins

April 28, 1997

The Lithium Ion Secondary Storage Battery
Tom Mac Garrett
Mentor: Dean Kahl