Natural Science Seminar Series: Fall 1997


September 8, 1997

Shorebird Conservation in Coastal Wetlands
Faculty Seminar: Dr. Louise Weber

September 15, 1997

The Effect of 3A Tryclopyr on Cut Stems of Oriental Bittersweet (Celastrus orbiculatis Thunb .)
Anthony Dowdle
Advisor: William Davis

September 22, 1997

A Study of Virginia Pine near Berea Creek
Ben Kershner
Advisor: William Davis

October 6, 1997

Environmental Applications of Computer Interfacing
Guest Seminar: Dr. Roger Bacon
Professor of Chemistry, Western Carolina University

October 13, 1997

Comparison of Northern Bobwhite Quail (Colinus Virginianus) Performance on Diets based onCorn and Pearl Millet
Jacob Nygaard
Advisor: Vicki Collins

October 27, 1997

Cadmium Analysis in Tobacco
Kerry Shepherd
Advisor: Vicki Collins

November 10, 1997

Alternative Fuels and Vehicle Exhaust Emissions.
Alumni Seminar: Michal Vojtisek-Lom
Master of Science Candidate in Chemical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh,

November 3, 1997

Sourwood: Distinctive Floral Honey
Bebecca Conroy

November 17, 1997

 The Effect of Water Soluble Extracts of Echinacea on Hyalouronidase
Jenna Kirby
Advisor: C.L. Swendsen

November 24, 1997

Age Structure and growth of an excessive patch of Rhododendron (Rhododendron Maximum)
Ellen Wade

December 1, 1997

Oxidation of Fats in Conventional and Organic Foods
Kate Foster
Advisor: Vicki Collins

December 8, 1997

Remediation of Water Contaminated with Heavy Metals
Tommy Gore
Advisor: Dean Kahl

December 15, 1997

The Chemistry of Oral Bacteria
Brock Morgan
Advisor: Vicki Collins