Natural Science Seminar Series: Fall 1998


September 7, 1998    

Spectroscopic Experiments for the August 1999 Romanian Total Solar Eclipse Expedition.
Faculty Seminar: Dr. Don Collins
Department of Physics, Warren Wilson College

September 14, 1998    

 A Tree Ring Analysis of two Bald Cypress Stands on the WWC Forest
Jim Eikenberry
Mentor: William Davis

September 21, 1998    

Cavitation Vulnerability of Acer rubrum and Acer saccharum Roots and Shoots
Sunshine Brosi
Mentor: Mark Boudreau

September 28, 1998    

An investigation into puzzles using group theory and computer programming
Jon Stockdill
Mentor: Fred Solomon

October 5, 1998    

The Effectiveness of Diluted Solution of Garlon 3A for Killing the Root Systems of Oriental Bittersweet During the Dormant Season
William Hamilton
Mentor: William Davis

October 26, 1998    

Uncertainties of Loadings and Retentions of Nutrients: A Model of Nitrogen and Phosphor vs. Flow in Patuxent Watershed
Elizabeth Bricken
Mentor: Mark Brenner

November 2, 1998    

The Effect of “Calming Essence” on Domestic Cats Treated with Ketamine before Surgury
Matt Goeben
Mentor: Bob Eckstein

November 9, 1998    

Cambium Death in an Overstory Hardwood Stand as a Result of a Prescribed Burn on Jones Mountain
Steven Shaper
Mentor: William Davis

November 16, 1998    

A Comparison of Behavioral Changes in Piglets Resulting from Simple Restraint and from Castration
Rebekah DeBolt
Mentor: Bob Eckstein

November 23, 1998    

The Effect of Intercropping on Early Leaf Spot of Peanuts
Lissa Veilleux
Mentor: Mark Boudreau

November 30, 1998    

The Relationship Between Calcium Concentration in Stream Water and Population Growth of the Amphipoda gammarus
Mischa Suchanec
Mentor: Mark Brenner

December 7, 1998  

An Assessment of Spinach and Radish Germination During Different Lunar Phases
Sarah Crepeau
Mentor: Mark Boudreau

December 14, 1998    

A Study of the Antimicrobial Effects of Mountain Dusky Salamander Mucus
Jon Hasfjord
Mentor: C.L. Swendsen and Deborah Shepard