Natural Science Seminar Series: Fall 1999


September 6, 1999   

The effects of trout farm generated ammonia levels on invertebrate drift.  
Jessica Buchanan
Mentor: Mark Brenner

September 13, 1999    

The effects of different soil amendments on soil pH. 
Courtney Wengrow
Mentor: Jim Houser

September 20, 1999   

The Effects of Kombucha Beverage on Crown Gall Tumors Grown on Potato Discs
Joel Barto
Mentors: Vicki Collins and Deborah Shepard

September 27, 1999

The Nest-site Selection of the Roseate Tern on Coastal Islands of Maine
Joy Frere
Mentors: Lou Weber and Reed Rossell

October 4, 1999    

Knut Feiker
Mentor: Dr. Lou Weber

October 11, 1999 

Video Recording of the Flash Spectrum of the Chromosphere at the August, 1999 Total Solar Eclipse.
Faculty Seminar:  Donald F. Collins
Assistance from Sky Stephens and Ronnie Sebilo-Tibbits

October 25, 1999 

An analysis of using various winter wheat cultivar mixtures to control the disease severity of Septoria Leaf Blotch
Laurie McKenzie
Mentor: Mark Boudreau

November 1, 1999  

Assessment of Methane Production for Feedstocks
Walker Young
Mentor: James Houser

November 8, 1999   

A Comparative Behavioral Study of the Effects of Weaning on Warren Wilson College Cattle
Angela Meek
Mentor: Bob Eckstein

November 15, 1999 

Guest Seminar: Gene Scerbo

November 22, 1999 

The Effect of Grazing Chickens on Pasture Quality
Jamie Ager
Mentor: Vicki Collins

November 29, 1999   

The Effects of Grazing on Species Composition and Protein Content of the Warren Wilson Pastures 
Alysia Greco
Mentor: Mark Boudreau

December 6, 1999 

The Effect of Improved Pasture Management on Water Quality at Berea Creek
Amy Frey
Mentor:  Mark Brenner

December 6, 1999

Determination of Salamander Habitat Characteristics on Warren Wilson College Property 
Brookie Brodmerkel
Mentor: Lou Weber

December 13, 1999

The effects of Achillea millefolium on clotting time as measured by the APTT test
Matt Ransom
Mentor: Vicki Collins