Natural Science Seminar Series: Spring 1999


January 25, 1999   

A Comparative Study of the Antibacterial Effects of the “Pink  Soap” and “Blue Soap” Used at WWC
Wairimu Wamburu
Mentor: Deborah Shepard

February 1, 1999   

An Assessment of Bioactivity of Herbal Extracts
Colleen Rockstroh
Mentor: Dean Kahl

February 8, 1999   

Applications of the Infinite Server Queue Model
Jones Smith
Mentor: Fred Solomon

February 15, 1999   

The Relationship between Oak Decline and Soil Compaction on the Warren Wilson College Central Campus
Molly Nicholie
Mentor: William Davis

February 22, 1999   

Analysis of St. John’s Wort
Marissa Oppel
Mentor: Dean Kahl

March 1, 1999  

Effect on the Swannanoa River by Warren Wilson College: Water Quality Assessment Using a Macroinvertebrate Biotic Index
Galen Eldridge
Mentor: Lou Weber

March 22, 1999  

A Behavioral Study of Felis rufus at the Western North Carolina Nature Center after an Environmental Change
Charla Archie
Mentor: Bob Eckstein

March 29, 1999  

Slime-Blotch Disease among Coral Reef Fish of the Bahamas
Gene Scerbo
Mentor: Paul Bartels

April 5, 1999   

Soil pH and Soil Moisture Preferences of the Salamander, Desmognathus ochrophaeus
Serah Overbeek
Mentor: Lou Weber

April 12, 1999   

The Pyrolysis of Plastic Wastes for an Alternative Fuel
Stacie Greco
Mentor: Dean Kahl

April 19, 1999   

Construction and Use of an In-situ Turbidimeter
Alex Cady
Mentor: Don Collins

April 26, 1999   

The Study and Usage of Metal Hydrides for the Storage of Hydrogen Gas
Bennett Finkler
Mentor: James Houser

May 3, 1999   

A Study of Artificial Ground Nests in Hurricane Windfalls
Dave Johnson
Mentor: Reed Rossell

May 10, 1999   

The Effects of Phosphorus on the Weight and Population  of Gammarus in an Artificial Streams
Jessie Rue Ritz Dulberger
Mentor: Mark Brenner