Students receive Pugh Grant – March 2016


Congratulations to the following students for receiving a Pugh grant to fund NSURS research:

Emma Lightsey
Detection of Rabies Antibodies in Wolf-Dog Hybrid Sera”
Emma will use her funds to purchase an ELISA test kit to test for rabies virus and several separator tubes. Her research advisor is chemistry professor, Dr. Dana Emmert.

Caroline Franklin
“Cortisol in Cats”
Carolina will use her funds to purchase an ELISA test kit to test cortisol levels from hair samples. Her research advisor is biology professor, Dr. Bob Eckstein.

Alisha Weaver
Distribution and habitat preferences of Appalachian cottontail (Sylvilagus obscurus) in Western North Carolina”
Alisha will use her funds for transportation costs and bait for live-catching rabbits. Her research advisor is Dr. Liesl Erb.

Remy Sutherland
“The effects of two harvesting events of Medicago sativa on nitrogenase activity in root nodules using acetylene reduction assay”
Remy will use his funds to purchase two gas tight syringes used for loading head-space samples on the gas chromatograph. He is specifically looking at the relative concentrations of ethylene and acetylene after a reduction assay in order to measure nitrogenase activity. His research advisor is Dr. Steve Cartier.

Hope Smith
Determining Home Range Size of Plethodon Longicrus in Hickory Nut Gorge”
Hope will use her funds to drive to and from Hickory Nut Gorge to track the locations of the crevice salamander, a rare and endemic species to the area. The grant will also go towards PIT tags and the software that she will be using to compile the home range data. Her research advisor is Dr. JJ Apodaca.

Also congratulations to Dr. David Coffey and Dr. Paul Bartels who received grant funding for equipment used by their research students.