Students Travel to the spring 2016 NCAS Annual Meeting


Faculty members Steve Cartier and Robert Hastings mentored 9 students in navigating and presenting their senior capstone at the 2016 Annual meeting of the North Carolina Academy of Science hosted at Methodist University on April 1-2 . The student attendees included Austen Casey, Landon Edwards, Isabel Harger, Matthew Kessler, Shaun Mumma-Ditzler, Ciara Prencipe, Virginia Pszczolkowski, Savannah Start, and Armin Weise. Four students were declared CANCAS Derieux Award Winners for outstanding undergraduate research presentation.

1st place in the category Health Science and Molecular Biology – Virginia Pszczolkowski – Rusty Bryant – Effects of Spent Craft Brewer’s Yeast on Ruminant Methane and Ammonia Production

2nd place in the category Ecology and Environmental Science – Armin Weise – Joseph Apodaca, & Todd Elliot –  Sampling for Fungal Associates of the Myco-heterotroph Monotropsis odorata (Ericaceae) in Western North Carolina 

2nd place in the category Zoology, Chemistry, & Physical Science – Cierra Prencipe – Mark Brenner, Robert Hastings & Paul Bartles – Duckweed as a Potential Source of Protein-Rich Feed Supplement for Broiler Chickens at the Warren Wilson College Farm

3rd place in the category Zoology, Chemistry, & Physical Science – Austin Casey – Steve Cartier, Dana Emmert & Langdon Martin – Peptide Synthesis: A Renewable Method